Check your Drupal Version

End of life for Drupal 8 Nov 2021
Drupal 9 released in June 2020

Check your CHANGELOG.txt

If you do not have admin access to your drupal site, you can quickly check the version via the CHANGELOG.txt, eg. where is the url to your drupal site

The final release for Drupal 6 was 6.38 released in Feb 2016. i.e. no further release for Drupal 6. You are very much on your own unless you get 3rd party support from companies like  which also releases their code at 

Upgrade to the LTS version as soon as you can as  sites on earlier versions have been reported to have been hacked or have their database and files system deleted. However, do consider upgrading to Drupal 8 as there are several improvements in areas of security and performance.


Outdated Drupal 6 site
Outdated Drupal 6


Similarly, the latest release for Drupal 7 should be 7.69. Upgrade immediately if you are on earlier version as there were several security issues.

Outdated Drupal 7
Outdated Drupal 7